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HammerFall live concert stream 
04:10pm 23/03/2009
It is currentl 4:10PM CST, and HammerFall's concert in Hamburg is streaming live RIGHT NOW.


Sorry I wasn't on top of things, or I'd have posted this sooner.  Hope some of you get a chance to see it. :)

And those of you seeing the concert in person?  Lucky bastards. ;)

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Hammerfall concert in cologne 
02:38pm 18/03/2009
mood: tired

Hey out there everybody!
I am new to this comm (and also to lj)... so at first I should introduce myself I guess:

I am from Germany, my mum "infected" me with Hammerfall years ago and actually the bandmembers I like the most are Joacim and Oscar. Well... my favourite songs are to many to list them up here, but here are some I really love: "Hearts on fire", "Legion", "Legacy of kings", "The way of the warrior" , "Renegade"

So, I hope this is enough introduction?

On march 17th there was the Hammerfall concert in cologne and I could say you it was great!

Ok everybody, the link should be working now! Enjoy reading the report !

concert report Read more...Collapse )


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its actually pretty awesome 
04:07am 18/02/2009
  ill upload to megaupload tomorrow, and edit this post.

but yeah this is the best HF ive heard since renegade.
yeah the others ones had good songs, but this one is pretty consistently kick-ass.

so go find it on isohunt or whatever you guys use. but if you wait til tomorrow i'll toss it up here.

EDIT: i hope this works!


tried a winzip file...wasnt uploadinng. ill try again later.

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Any Means Necessary 
04:58pm 01/02/2009
New video! Yay!

Any Means Necessary video clip

Well, I like this song.  Still hoping the new album is better than Threshold, which was 50/50 for me.

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New guitar player announced! 
08:43pm 21/04/2008


x-posted lots of places


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Stefan is out 
09:26am 02/04/2008
  Taken from the HammerFall Myspace Blog:

Hello Everybody.

I have decided to leave Hammerfall, the reason is that I have been offered a job as a pilot within an airline.
My interest in aviation has been growing very strong, and now I feel its time for me to take a step and be a pilot on a professional level.
We have been discussing the possibility of combining the work with HF and both me and the rest of the band realized that it would be very hard indeed.

It has been a great journey with lots of great memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, I would like to give a big thanks to all the wonderful fans, its has truly been a pleasure to meet and perform for you all during these 11 years.

I still love to play the guitar so you might hear from me again someday somehow.

I would like to wish who ever is taking my place and the rest of the band good luck in the future.

Take care everybody!!

Stefan Elmgren

Video message from Stefan - basically says the same thing as above. 

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HammerFall – this is how heavy metal is forged! 
04:12pm 25/03/2008
  Is ten years much or not? For Its Majesty Eternity that's quite an insignificant period, but in earthly life a lot of things may happen. And if you are anxiously waiting for something the time seems infinite. Ten long years Russian heavy metal fans had waited for the concert of the Sweden band Hammerfall. And finally they came
All article: http://ofmusic.info/mat/5/1353.html

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new greatest hits "steel meets steel" 
06:52pm 01/10/2007
  hey does anyone know what the track list is for this cd? there's supposedly 3 new tracks too. i heard something about a track called "last man standing" or something. idk...someone help.  

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HammerFall in Moscow, 07.09.07 
04:01pm 19/09/2007

...Click at preview - entrance to the gallery...

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Продам билет на HammerFall в Москве 
09:13am 03/09/2007
  По техническим причинам не смогу пойти на этот замечательный концерт, который состоится 7 сентября в пятницу. Есть билетик и могу его продать.
В магазине он стоит 1000 р, я отдам за 800. +уместен РАЗУМНЫЙ торг!

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New/old bassist 
06:42pm 12/04/2007
  The waiting and speculation is over, Magnus has been replaced. The new guy should be no stranger to any HammerFall fan: (re)enter Fredrik Larsson, original member of the band and fugutive for the past decade.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"I am very happy and excited to be back! I have known the guys for more than ten years and we have kept in touch all the time, so it is not as if I come in a complete stranger. We played a few songs together last weekend, and it felt like 1997 was just a couple of weeks ago", says Fredrik about coming back into the fold. Oscar had these comments: "Fredrik brings structure to the rhythm section and I think you will definitely hear and feel the difference when we play live". "He plays with a pick, for one, and has a great groove and timing, all of which will make HammerFall sound better than we ever have before," Anders remarked, and Stefan chimed in: "We are all very psyched about this and can't wait to get on the road again." "Fredrik recorded Glory To The Brave with us, so he's definitely a part of the family. It's great to have him back!", Joacim exclaimed.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Hammerfall statement regarding Magnus Rosén 
10:58pm 07/03/2007
mood: crazy
Here's the official statement from the band members regarding the situation.

"Bass player Magnus Rosén has elected to step down from HammerFall to be able to focus on his own projects. While it is surprising, it's not a total shock to us since he has seemed to be unhappy with the situation in the band and on tour for quite a while. We wish him all the best with his future endeavors and turn our attention to the future, immediate and distant.

This will change nothing for us as far as booked gigs and other planned activities are concerned. Rest assured, HammerFall will continue blazing its trail just like before. The process of selecting the right replacement both musically and personally is already set in motion, and we will announce it as soon as a decision is made."

/Joacim, Stefan, Oscar and Anders

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Statement from Magnus 
12:06pm 07/03/2007

Former HAMMERFALL bassist Magnus Rosén has issued a statement explaining his decision to leave the band. It reads as follows:

"Thanks to all the fans around the world who supported the band for 10 years. You all gave me very nice memories after all the concerts we did. It was a pleasure to get such a good audience like you guys! Without you we wouldn't be able to do record so many CDs and make so many tours as we did during the last 10 years. So thank you all.

"It's important for me to tell you that I loved every single second I had on stage during our concerts! To hear your voice, see your happy faces and hear your nice words really made my day!!! It was a pleasure to meet each one of you before and after the concerts, sign your CD, take pictures with you and shake your hands!
It was also very nice for me to use my fame to do my solo concerts for charity in countries like Peru, Chile and Brazil. With these concerts I got food and money for poor people and it was because of YOUR help! Also for supporting me during my bass clinics in schools and in other projects as music against violence and music against drugs! I believe it's very nice way to give and take.

"So it's time for me to be more creative in my career. That's the reason I left HAMMERFALL. So from now on I'll give myself a chance to write songs and be creative in bands that allow me to. The years are passing by fast and it is important for a musician to grow in the situation he is in!

"I hope that HAMMERFALL will find a nice and good bassist for you all. And I hope our fans will respect my choice!

"Anyway, be sure that I'll still be doing heavy metal! So keep your eyes open!"


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NOOOOOOOOOO! Magnus! Say it ain't so! 
09:21pm 06/03/2007
mood: distressed
Swedish metallers HAMMERFALL have parted ways with bassist Magnus Rosén. An official statement is expected shortly.

HAMMERFALL recently extended its contract with Nuclear Blast Records for another six albums. The signing took place on January 31 before the band's concert at the Filharmonie in Filderstadt, Germany.

The Donzdorf, Germany-based Nuclear Blast originally signed HAMMERFALL ten years ago and released the group's debut album, "Glory to the Brave", in 1997.

HAMMERFALL's vampire-themed video for "Natural High", a track off their latest album, "Threshold", debuted in January on MTV2's "Headbanger's Ball". Watch the clip online at YouTube.com.

Known for dedicating themselves to preserving the genre of traditional heavy metal as inspired by metal's "golden era," HAMMERFALL was founded in 1993 by guitarist Oscar Dronjak and drummer Jesper Strömblad (now IN FLAMES' guitarist) in Gothenberg, Sweden. Drinking heavily from the well of high-octane twin-guitar work, clean vocal stylings, and classic-styled on-stage wardrobe, HAMMERFALL use the storytelling tradition to tell tales of honor and victory and to that end, band members have collaborated with the likes of Swedish Olympic athletes to the Swedish National Symphony Orchestra.

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Massive Hammerfall picspam! 
08:02pm 26/02/2007
  So I saw Hammerfall in Bradford Rios on Friday night!! Was amazing as ever, here are some photos.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lots more pictures under hereCollapse )

Setlist: Threshold - Templars of Steel - Riders of the Storm - Legacy of Kings - Rebel Inside - Blood Bound - Raise the Hammer - A Legend Reborn - Renegade - Let the Hammer Fall - Reign of the Hammer - Hammerfall
Encore 1: Natural High - Glory to the Brave - Heeding the Call
Encore 2: Hearts on Fire

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Anders' drums 
06:53pm 23/02/2007
mood: indescribable

Dear lord, does Anders actually use all those bass drums???

I've seen them twice here in the US, and I believe he only had two for the two tours I attended.  But apparently he uses more in Europe.  But what I want to know is this:  Does he make use of all of them???

That's just insane, right there.

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Community promo 
10:48pm 19/02/2007

Sorry I've been quiet in this community of late.  I've gotten real bad about posting HF news.  Honestly, if anyone ELSE would like to post HF news, you are more than welcome!  Pictures and discussion are encouraged as well!

Anyway, since I'm the mod I can do shit like this:  Go join

metal_community  It's awesome.  It's not a rating community, but you do have to fill out an app to get in.  So go, apply, have fun!

And post your HF stuff here!



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Weird version 
11:51pm 27/12/2006
mood: confused
Anyone else out there have a weird version of the song "The Fire Burns Forever" from the Threshold album? I haven't had a chance to purchase the album so I was previewing the track on the Fear Ache 34 CD that came with my Terrorizer magazine. My version is missing the lyrics other than at the choruses. Almost like a karaoke version. Though the liner notes don't say anything about it. I know my speakers are working just fine so it's not that.

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Winter Tour announced for Europe 
01:28pm 27/09/2006
mood: busy
from Hammerfall.net

At the Threshold of...Europe 2007

January 18th: Stora Vega, Köpenhamn, Denmark
January 19th: Scandinavium, Göteborg, Sweden
January 20th: Arenan, Stockholm, Sweden
January 21st: Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
January 23rd: Dock's, Hamburg, Germany
January 24th: O13, Tilburg, the Netherlands
January 25th: Hof Ter Lo, Antwerpen, Belgium
January 26th: Stadthalle Langen, Langen, Germany
January 27th: Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany
January 28ht: Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
January 30th: Halle Gartlage, Osnabrück, Germany
January 31st: Filharmonie, Filderstadt, Germany
February 2nd: Jako Arena, Bamberg, Germany
February 3rd: All Karthalle, Kaufbeuren, Germany
February 4th: Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
February 6th: Elysée Montmartre, Paris, France
February 7th: Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France
February 9th: Joy Eslava, Madrid, Spain
February 10th: Santana 27, Bilbao, Spain
February 11th: Razzmatazz, Barcelona, Spain
February 13th: Alcatrazz, Milano, Italy
February 14th: Backstage, München, Germany
February 15th: Planet Music, Wien, Austria
February 16th: Petöfi Hall, Budapest, Hungary
February 17th: SKC, Belgrad, Serbia

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Natural High 
03:33pm 22/09/2006
  Here is the video for the new song Natural High

And here is the interview for Natural High.


I like the song Natural High, but I'm not sure I love it.  However, I think I'll enjoy the new album.  Every time HF releases a new album, it's always slightly different than the previous stuff.  Natural High isn't quite what I was expecting.  Still, good song.  :)

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